Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last Post of the year

Damn you, Mike Brown. Damn you for twenty years of marginal football at Riverfront Stadium. Damn you and our county commissioners for raping the taxpayers of this county for nearly 500 million dollars for a stadium we can't use for concerts, conventions, or any other sports event except football. But most of all, damn you sir for getting your stadium on your terms and then not fielding a team worthy of a half billion dollar home.

Welcome to the meadow,
home of the Bunny-gals

Friday, December 01, 2006

Go big or go home, if you still have one

Starting to notice here that there has been a recent spate of the citizenry taking the law into it's own hands and interestingly enough, at least here in Hamilton County, the DA is SUPPORTING these actions. Now, I don't mind some good ol whup ass, but people are getting killed here. My point is, some idiot is going to blaze away over sumpin stupid (like the guy in Batavia that shot a kid for walkin in his yard) and then the anti-gun nuts will come out and say we're all blood thirsty killers and no one (except criminals) should have guns.

The problem as I see it is not that folks are fighting back, but the fact that they need to. Why? Because the criminals no longer fear the police or the justice system in this country. We've tied the hands of law enforcement to such a degree that they either cannot or will not act. Our courts and prision systems are filled with people willing to release these miscreants back into society with a slap on the wrist and if they re-offend, so what? When they do get out and purpetrate more heinous crimes, the parole boards SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. If they were, there would be much stiffer and longer penalties. The other thing is: it's prison stupid! That means LIMITED health care, limited chances for education, no color TV, computers, recreation etc> It needs to be so bad that, once freed, convicts will do their utmost to never return. Manual labor, benefitting the state, needs to make a return.

What the hey, it's just a dream...we have to be nice to everyone, never offend, never stand up for our country, our cities our beliefs...Don't try's too hard anyway...better to just be sheeple...bahhhh