Sunday, September 23, 2007

She's back, she's lying, why are you surprised?

Universal Health Care. A military used to cover scandals as they break. Illegal campaign contributions. Duck and dodge politics. Cronyism. Telling the big lie. Linking dissimilar events to legitimize your position. The only new question is who's going to blow Hillary in the White House? Hopefully, the American public (at least the red states) will make sure Clinton never returns to the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. address. The UHC thing has a fresh coat of paint but its the same crap, just newer lies. "Oh you get to keep your health plan if you want to. There won't be additional costs. There won't be any new bureaucracy." Sure Billary, I believe. Remember every time a scandal broke our forces went somewhere or we bombed someone? Facts are facts, look it up. Remember the Chinese monks that good ole Al (I-didn't-invent-the-Internet, but-I-did-invent global-warming) Gore got the illegal donations from? Now Billary's got Hu. Abbott and Costello aside, where's the follow-up on that? Dissappeared quick didn't it? But not before they questioned his sanity etc. As for duck and dodge, she votes for the war, before she voted against it. She voted for the billions spent before she voted against it. Thanks for reminding us how that worked for Kerry toots. Today she said she was against the MoveOn Petraeus attack ad but voted NOT to condemn it last week. Or mention the dems supported his appointment unanimously. She even went so far as to compare it to the Kerry/Murtha flap. Here's a flash. Petraeus is currently a serving member of our Armed Forces (Support the Troops? Sure you do.) The other difference is that both Kerry and Murtha lied about the character of their service and to this day refuse to release their service records to the public. Hell, she won't even condemn Columbia bringing in Iranian president Im-a-nutjob and giving him a free speech forum when his country doesn't allow them. God help us. Everyone.


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That has to be the scariest picture I have ever seen!!!!

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